Bringing The World’s Leading International Golf Apparel Brands To You

About Us

Uchoose Golf was started by esteemed businessman Clint Anderson after he realised there was a lack of international golf apparel brands available in Australia and New Zealand. After spending more than 25 years working in senior roles across the golf industry around the world, he decided it was time to marry his expertise and experience to launch a curated portfolio of apparel brands into the local market. 

Uchoose Golf’s mission is simple: to bring the world’s leading international golf brands to you. Just like the name suggests, you choose the brands for you. And we’re here to make that happen.

Our Brands

We’re here to help…

A love of the game is the driving force of everything we do, and the team at Uchoose Golf makes it easier than ever for businesses to access the world’s best apparel brands. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, our team of dedicated golf-lovers are here to help by providing a range of services across the industry.

  • Distributing


    We take care of the details to get the right product in the right place, at the right time, all thanks to our strong distribution network.

  • Warehousing


    Don’t let the thought of logistics and distribution throw you off your game. It’s what we’re here for.

  • Showrooms


    Our onsite showrooms allows for each brand to speak for itself; with products presented beautifully in the space they deserve.

  • Licensing


    Thanks to our extensive network and direct connections with industry experts, we can help you create and source the exact product you are looking for.

  • Wholesaling


    From start to finish, we can assist with wholesale operations by connecting leading apparel brands and businesses while implementing sustainable growth strategies.

  • Customer Relations


    Golf is our game. But so is building strong relationships with a range of businesses across the industry in Australia and New Zealand.

  • E-Commerce


    Shop online for Island Green and San Soleil with our new ecommerce offering. Shop Local and support an Australian owned family business.